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Saloniki Greek, Cambridge, MA

Project Size: 3,400 square feet | Seats: 120

The Crown, Manchester, NH

Project Size: 7,416 square feet (interior) 4,927 square feet (exterior) | Seats: 123 (interior) 52 (seasonal)

Moona, Cambridge, MA

Project Size: 983 square feet | Seats: 19

Aceituna Grill, Boston, MA

Project Size: 2,400 square feet | Seats: 43

Haute Coffee, Cambridge, MA

Project Size: 1,450 square feet | Seats: 31

Tahaza, Cambridge, MA

Project Size: 1,700 square feet | Seats: 60 (Interior: 30, Patio: 30)

Tahaza is a 1,700 square ft. Mediterranean fast-casual concept in Cambridge Massachusetts.  The look and feel of the restaurant is modern and simple, reflecting the fresh and organic food that is prepared.  It was designed to reflect a combination of the modern Middle East and aged old simple food.  The Mediterranean Sea and the natural landscape inspired us to use turquoise green accents, light wood grain surfaces on tables and chairs.  Hemp light fixtures and simple clear glass globes provides warm and simple lighting.  The chairs feature turquoise ’socks’ which provide a splash of playful bright color.  Chalk board walls with hand lettered directions and illustrations instruct the guests how to order their special hummus bowls.

Tasting Counter, Somerville, MA

Project Size: 1,200 square feet | Seats: 22

Tavitas, Boston, MA

Project Size: 1,630 square feet | Seats: 79