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Feldman Land Surveyors | Boston, MA

Project Size: 18,910 square feet | Completion Date:  2016

The McMahon team undertook the renovation to a historic factory building in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood that will serve as the headquarters for Feldman Land Surveyors. The most recent use of the Hampden Street building (contractor’s office/garage, and storage of antique cars and bicycles) called for a complete gut of the existing space; since it would not serve as a 21st century office environment. Throughout the building the brick walls and wooden beam structural elements have been left exposed. The second and third floors have been converted into office space that will become the Feldman work areas. The interior layout of the 3rd floor is designed to emphasize the cathedral ceiling on the top floor, as well as the buildings original 19th Century construction. Blocked for years, original window penetrations on the upper floors have been reopened to bring in natural light to the space. Skylights have been added to the peaked roof, adding even more light to the 3rd floor. Both the brick and the wood beams have been painted white to help reinforce the sense of light. The color also serves as a way to     refine the roughness of the original building materials. All the newly installed HVAC ductwork has been left exposed and is also finished in the same white palette. The basement and the first floor have been finished in a similar manner. The most prominent change to the exterior of the building is a new addition that contains an elevator and stairs. The new addition provides a stark stylistic departure from the 1800s architecture. One side is an expanse of windows, while the other three are clad in engineered, factory finished, construction panels. The modern       finish gives a nod to the high-tech environment that surveyors like Feldman now occupy.

Altium | Dedham/Westwood, MA

Project Size: 7,850 square feet | Completion Date:  2015

Altium is one of the first providers of PCB design tools and is developing into one of the market leaders. Their flagship product is known for excellence in native 3D Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Computer Aided Design. By incorporating all the tools engineers and PCB designers need into a single, stress-free user interface, Altium Designer dramatically increases design successes, while reducing overall design times. From concept to PCB design, 3D modeling, and output generation for final manufacture, Altium Designer provides an efficient, powerful workflow for board-level electronics designers.

Altium is a global company with their headquarters located in La Jolla CA. McMahon worked with Cresa Partners and the Altium team to design their new space in Westwood Massachusetts.  The goal was to create an open and airy space that allowed for an abundance of natural sunlight to penetrate the entire space. MA accomplished this by designing glass front offices with glass barn doors, giving it a modern and industrial feel. Playful design with the ceilings, incorporating both exposed ceilings with painted beams and dropped ceilings, resulted in a more intimate feel. Altium was thrilled with the outcome and excited
to move into the new environment.

Wayfair LLC (Phase 2 & 3) | Boston, MA

Project Size: 158,000 square feet | Completion Date:  August 2015

Continuing the expansion of the existing Wayfair LLC headquarters, Phase 3 maintained a bright and modern open office experience. Phases 1 and 2 comprise 139,000 sf of open concept office with themed collaboration and meeting spaces, showcasing some of the 7 million home furnishing products from 7,000 suppliers available on The same design principle was employed for Phase 3, which provides an additional 158,000 sf. The result is over 2,500 workstations, a second 100 seat restaurant-style café, and an additional 40 distinct collaboration areas featuring themes ranging from “Grandma Chic” to “Seattle Grunge”. These shared spaces, decorated with unique collections in an array of colors, patterns and furnishings, accommodate spontaneous meetings. Such areas enrich and emphasize the youthful culture of Wayfair.

Wayfair LLC | Boston, MA

Project Size: 105,000 square feet | Completion Date:  August 2014

Wayfair LLC is a rapidly growing multinational e-commerce company and is the largest online-only retailer for home décor in the world.  McMahon Architects designed a bright and modern open office with a benching concept to allow for ultimate flexibility. Collaboration and meeting spaces were designed to showcase some of the 7 million home furnishing products from the site. The design created a 100 seat restaurant style café and eight kitchenettes strategically placed throughout the 105,000 sf. Bright white staircases with wood plank treads, dramatic skylights and chandeliers create focal points for connecting all the various floors A limited palette of vibrant colors accent the custom grey carpet in a custom floor pattern. A wild array of colors, patterns and furnishing in over 30 themed custom collaboration spaces provides for spontaneous meetings. These unique collections of furnishings enrich and emphasize the youthful culture of Wayfair and a small sample of the endless products offered by

NutraClick | Boston, MA

Project Size: 8,000 square feet | Completion Date:  September 2013

NutraClick is an energetic and innovative branding company that develops and markets their own high quality health, beauty, and wellness products. The company has seen rapid growth since its inception in 2009, quickly expanding to several hundred employees. McMahon Architects worked closely with the NutraClick founders and executive management to design a funky and fun space that would foster collaboration and cross-pollination between departments. Located in the vibrant Downtown Crossing neighborhood, the renovated space features a new reception area, new conference and presentation facilities with custom designed tables, break-out collaboration areas, and a new centralized break room with custom ping pong table/kitchen island. As a feature element, the ductwork throughout the open office area was painted bright green to add flair and further support the NutraClick branding.